Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daze and Holidays

Thought I would just take a minute to post today. I think that this time around I really don't have that much to report back. I can definitely say that I am falling into a routine while I am here. I feel like everyday I go about my business in my new life here in Germany. Thinking about having a regular German lifestyle is something that I am very happy to be developing, but sadly it also means that I do not have very much to report back about my experiences here. My days have been going fairly smoothly and have left me in kind of a daze. I have been going to classes, though only a few, as there seems to be a holiday every other week here in Germany. Today is Labour day here and it means another day free of class.

I have gotten a good chance to tour the town a lot more now. I have gotten the chance to find a couple of good bars and a couple of good restaurants to frequent. Many of the bars here are quite lively and I have even found an American bar. The biggest one, Brauhaus, is very popular among the college aged kids and even has a "international" night every Monday. Everyone who is on a study abroad here in Germany shows up to meet on Monday night so it is  a great place to meet up with friends and meet other visitors here in Wurzburg. My other favorite place in town is a small sushi vendor. I do not know the name of the place, only that it is ran by one man that in a small side shack. He makes the sushi fresh right in front of you and even has very reasonable prices!

When classes resume again I am sure I will post more about my teachers and what the classes are like. But for now it is still early for me to have a good idea of what the classes will be like. I am also busy at work planning several more trips outside of Germany! Many of these trips are because I am expecting a visit from my girlfriend in a couple of weeks. While she is here I am hoping not only to get to show her my town and Germany, but also do a lot of travelling to see Europe. I have already booked a flight to Spain for us later this month!

But I am off, I left a few random photos of my travels so far, so enjoy!

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