Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hello again,
            When I have more time I will write more about my different classes as I have started two new ones this week. but first I wanted to go over a recent trip to Prague! As fun as Germany is I have heard so many stories about the legendary Prague. With my girlfriend now being in Germany for a visit I figured it would be the perfect city to take her to and tour. Firstly I will say that Prague truly is an amazing city whose beauty cannot be overstated. Besides this it was also a very cheap city to visit, meaning our budget could stretch farther than ever! We ended up eating out almost every night and had a lot of super good meals. We did four days in Prague overall and took a bus to get the city.
          I have to say that this is the second trip that I have done by bus instead of by train just because it was cheaper to take a bus. Being a student and currently broke means that price is everything for me, even if it means taking a bit longer to get where I am going. The bus is however growing on me. I think that I might even be starting to prefer the bus travel over train and would recommend it for anyone that is thinking of doing a couple of tours through Europe. This time I booked through a company called student agency. The buses for this company were pretty large, spacious, and comfortable. Everyone got there own leather seat that reclined quite nicely. On to of this they serve hot beverages and having reading material. But the real joy for this 6 hour trip was the screens put into the back of every headrest. This made my trip pass by very quickly as they offered many free movies and I enjoyed both the Great Gatsby and Superman while the bus quickly sped to Prague.
              Once in Prague my girlfriend and I spent the first day in a complete daze. Not only did we arrive at 6 in the morning at the bus station and couldn't check into our hotel till 11, but the weather was also really bad. As the we tried to navigate the swerving streets of Prague to get to our hostel we got thoroughly drenched with rain. We managed to find a cafe to sit in and pass the time till we could check in. When we finally did manage to get into our room we almost immediately fell asleep as neither of us got much sleep on the overnight bus trip. Waking up too late to do much we settled on doing the best we could, and planning fun excursions for the three remaining days we had.

         The following day the weather was not looking much better. Although the forecast said our last two days would be beautiful! So we did the only thing we could do with the last bad weather day, eat and go to the spa! A beer spa that is. One of the cooler things we did was go to this little gem that we found while wandering the streets. Here we were able to take a refreshing break in a barrel hot tub with our own personal beer tap right next to it. For an hour you got to is in the hot water and drink all the beer you wanted to, both light and dark, and just relax. Needless to say this helped us to warm up after the rain and immediately turned our vacation around.


  Feeling relaxed and ready to go on our third and last full day, the weather had also turned around, so we took this day to do most of the out door touring that we wanted to do. This included walking all around the town, checking out a few shops, and seeing all of the "tourist" sites. These included the beautiful Charles bridge, astronomical clock, and the Prague castle. out of these three things I have to say that I enjoyed the Prague castle most of all. First of all you have to cross the Charles bridge to get to the castle. But the castle itself had by far the most beautiful church that I have seen yet while here in Europe. Just walking around it filled me with wonder that even the rest of the beautiful city couldn't make me feel. We even got the chance to walk all the way to the top of its bell tower, which was many hundred steps up in a small circle...... Being exhausted from the day, we ate come traditional Czech food and went to bed.

            the last day was a pretty short one since we had a bus to catch to get back home but we still managed to fill up the time nicely. We did a very relaxing and nice tour of the city by boat, where we got to sit and drink a beer while seeing the city from the water. We also got to visit a really cool ice bar. Everything in the bar was made completely out of ice, from the bar to the tables and even the cups. After a few drinks we were all set to sleep on the bus  and head home!

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