Tuesday, July 1, 2014

            Catching up on what I have been doing here in beautiful Germany! I spent a couple of weeks just sitting around here in Germany. I have had to do three different speeches here. Two of which were for my class on European nobility, currently my favorite class. I have gotten a chance to learn a lot about the different noble families of Europe and there lineage. As strange as it sounds it is interesting to learn about how all of the royal family are intermingled into each other as well as history. I have also gotten the chance to mix in this class into my travels. As we were talking about the king of Greece and how he had originally come from Munich. This connection led to a lot of the buildings in Munich to be influenced by Greek design. So recently I made a trip to Munich in order to see the beautiful city.

           I spent two days in Munich and got to see a whole lot while I was there. Probably the best part of the town was the town hall. Built right next to two of the hugest churches in Munich, including the Munich Dom, it was built in a Gothic style of architecture. They hang flowers from many of the long support beams and it has a huge square right in front of it that is booming with markets. I spent two days shopping and walking around touring the city. I spent a lot of time shopping and trying to get the rest of my presents for my family at home. Then I wrapped up Munich with a trip to the hofbrauhaus! I got to eat some real Bavarian food as well as a whole liter of dark beer!

           The next day instead of going home I spent the day and went to Fussen, a town that is almost two hours west of Munich. At Fussen there are two castles that are on of the must see sites of German. The best one is Neuschwanstein Castle, a castle that was actually build mid way through the 1800's. It was built merely for its beauty and because the king wanted his own castle. After nearly bankrupting Bavaria in order to do it he was removed from throne. Although the top few floors of the castle were never finished, most of them were and the inside of the castle is absolutely stunning. They don't allow any photos on the inside of the castle unfortunately, but even photos from the outside are beautiful.

        The trip to Fussen was almost better than the trip to Munich it was so beautiful. bud sadly my trip was only over the weekend and I had to come back to Wurzburg. Finals are coming up here and I really need to start studying. My next few weeks will be mainly focusing on my goal of studying, but also on the World Cup! It is a big event here in Germany and I intend to experience the whole European soccer (or should I say football) craze.

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