Saturday, June 14, 2014

Currently I am a little behind on the events of my trip, so I thought that I would write today to hopefully catch up with the events of my trip. I returned from Prague and enjoyed a couple of days of rest with my girlfriend in Wurzburg. I got to take her to see all of the must see sites within Wurzburg like the Marienburg fortress and the Residence. After only a few days however it was time for us to go off on our next planned adventure, Spain!

            I had initially planned Spain as graduation gift for my girlfriend. She minored in Spanish in college an it has always been a dream of hers to be able to see Spain and practice some of the Spanish she has been learning. As  a gift I booked two flights on Ryanair, a cheap inter European airline that operates out of Nuremburg. I was pretty weary of using this airline as I have heard a lot of mixed reports about it and the price for the plane tickets seemed to be a bit too low. Regardless our flight did go well and I learned just how cheap plane tickets could be here in Europe. This was my second time travelling by plane and the experience was just as thrilling as the first time.

            Landing in Spain itself it was very different then what I expected. The terrain in the town that we went to Alicante was more like a desert than I expected. Alicante is on the Southern coast of Spain right along the ocean. Unlike our trip to Prague, Spain was much more about getting a chance to relax and blowing off some stress. Although Alicante is very beautiful there is not as much to see there history wise except for a castle. We did spend a whole day visiting the castle however and it ominously hangs on a mountain over the whole town. The mountain itself seems like it springs up out of nowhere and the castle has sat on the hill for almost a thousand years. It has since then been built and sieged and rebuilt throughout Spain's history. It made it a very cool and ever present reminder of history that sits high above the town.

        Besides the Castle however there was not much else. All that was left to do was relax, sit by the beach, and try out all of the food. Don't get me wrong the previous statement was not a complaint! The food in Spain was damn good and I loved every minute of it. Some of the food was kind of strange and I didn't love everything. The main thing that we wanted to try, Tapas, is something like appetizers that you order many of to form a whole meal. These Tapas are supposed to be shared by everyone at the table. Most of the tapas did involve seafood, which I am not a huge fan of. Regardless in between our delicious meals we got to relax and sit on the beach. The weather ended up being perfect and I had a nice sunburn going in only a few days haha. We did also get the amazing chance to swim in the Mediterranean although the water was ice cold.

            After what seemed like a very quick 5 days though we had to go back home. Overall I loved Spain and the more slow paced life that I got to live while I was there. Although I would say that I did like Prague much better, as it was a much more fast paced and exciting trip. I will not forget however getting to sit on the beach at night with my girlfriend and drinking wine. I hope next time I get to go to Spain we will go to Barcelona or a busier city, although I cannot complain overall. 

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